The Samsung Rugby Smart goes Android

Rugby is an amazingly grueling sport; it takes the likes of a super rugged individual to get into the game as a spectator, let alone an active player. With the name comes rugged implications and Samsung has built a line of dedicated durable phones that live up to the name. The original Samsung Rugby came into this world in 2008 and waited about two years for a refresh. The Rugby II with a similar build was introduced in 2010. Both of these models are designed to take a beating, but they have always lacked certain smartness about them. 2012 will change the Rugby line forever by introducing it to the smart phone sector. The Samsung Rugby Smart is here to ensure you stay connected no matter where you and your new phone may find yourselves.

The Samsung Rugby Smart has taken off the hinges and moved forward from the old flip design to slate or bar style design, but has not forgotten its rugged roots. Way back in September Pocketnow got their hands on what was only known at the time as the SGH-i847. The limited details on specifics could only note that it was carrying a WVGA quality touch screen. Last month details of the devices destiny were unearthed by BGR when they caught a glimpse into At&t’s Q1 2012 road map. According to that leak the Rugby Smart and At&t Fusion were set to launch come February 18th.  While that target date has come and gone, it looks as if Pocketnow has gotten some more details on the new handset, including some juicy pictures. The pictures show off a super rugged design, with hardware buttons for navigating Android, a physical lock for the battery door and housing that just looks like it could take a beating. Specs? Well, it’s not a super phone that’s for sure. For now details on the exact specs for the Rugby Smart are pretty scarce. It is said to run with Android version 2.3.5 also known as Gingerbread. While its chip set is still unknown a single core 1 GHz guess would most likely fit in well. Other details scrounged up by Pocketnow, give the Rugby Smart 512MB of RAM and a 1650 mAh battery.  The only other details about the Rugby Smart give it HSPA+ compatibility and a price that is said to be about $100 bucks. Of course we should probably include a new contract and potentially a mail in rebate with that cost. While the new Samsung Rugby Smart is no Galaxy Nexus or iPhone, it can go places those device will never return from and for a hundred bucks, the Rugby Smart is sure to please. While there is no release information on this new ruggedized smart phone, most are expecting an official unveiling and probably some ultra cool detail to be exposed come MWC.

So what do you think? The Rugby has been made into an Android running smart phone, impressed? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think about this new handset. And remember the very best in Samsung Rugby accessories are here, no matter which model you use.

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