The Samsung Rugby Smart Accessories You Have been looking for are right Here!

Samsung has up and done it! Taking the legendary rugged Rugby flip phone and bringing it into the Android smart phone space. This amazing new phone is built around the ultra rugged design cues of the Rugby and adds a bit of its own flair. It comes packing a 3.7 inch WVGA touch screen with an amazingly high pixel density and perfect resolution. With water resistance and a super rugged build designed to outlast the bumps and bruises this new Rugby Smart is an amazing new phone. But don’t let its rugged build and water resistance fool you, keep your phone safe and fully charged is the most important part of ensure longevity from any phone.

When it’s time to hit the road with your Rugby Smart we have what you need. Check out this perfect Samsung Rugby Smart Car mount. This excellent car mount can be used on your dash with its goose neck mount or it can easily be mounted in your vents. Either way you will have a form fitted dock option for your Rugby smart and many other handheld devices. With a perfect place for your Rugby Smart in your car you may need some power options! This excellent Samsung Rugby Smart At&t micro USB car charger is perfect. This charger easily connects to your cars power supply and can directly charge your phone. Its additional USB output can be put to use to charge an additional handheld device.

Now your Rugby Smart is ready for the road, what about in the home? Keeping your Rugby Smart Synced has never been easier. This Samsung Rugby Smart micro USB charge and data cable makes it all possible. This cable is made by Samsung specifically for super fast data transfers and perfect uninterrupted trickle charging. For easy in home AC charging this Samsung Rugby Smart Travel Adapter with micro USB cable is perfect. The simple and highly effective wall charging adapter is super small and easily storable. Its included micro USB cable can be used for both charging with the adapter or for data transfer and PC trickle charging.

So your Rugby Smart is now ready for the road and ready for syncing and charging when the trip is over. The next step is protecting your Rugby Smart. We know the Rugby Smart is ready for the worst, but adding a bit of your own flair and protection to it won’t hurt anything and besides we both know it was not cheap! This really cool Samsung Rugby Smart Protector Case is made of a high quality, light weight and ultra protective polycarbonate plastic and sports a super cool skull with wings design. We carry many Samsung Rugby Smart Protector cases for all tastes and styles. Check them out and let us know if you’re looking for one we don’t carry.

We carry a wide and ever growing selection of the very best in Samsung Rugby Smart Accessories, so check out what we have and if were missing something be sure to let us know you’re looking for it.

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