A Samsung Qi Inductive Charging Pad Passes Through the Halls of the FCC



 A Samsung branded wireless charger shows up at the FCC. If you couldn’t tell, accessories are right in our wheel house. Mobile phone accessories make our device safe, keep them charged and in some cases make them all around better than originally anticipated. In our never ending endeavors with technology we as humans have been striving for wireless everything since it became a concept. As we push forward the cords are losing the battle. Qi pronounced as “chee” is a wireless charging standard that was set out by the Wireless Power Consortium around 2009. The idea uses inductive power transfers over short distances via a “power transmission pad” and a “compatible receiver” found inside of your handheld device. The idea while around for sometime has yet to find global acceptance. Recently however companies like HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Sony and now Samsung have entered the wireless charging arena.

Samsung_Qi_charger_1The inductive charging concept is starting to gain some momentum. Most recently the LG made Google Nexus 4 came equipped with inductive charging receivers built in but the actual charging pad was missing in action until recently. News of Samsung’s inductive charging undertakings have made headlines and the guessing games have begun. Over the weekend a Samsung branded, Qi compliant wireless charging unit made its way through the halls of the FCC for approval. While this is indeed awesome most anyone interested wants to know what it will be compatible with. The rumors range from the current host of Galaxy S III’s and Note II’s to the forth coming Galaxy S4’s and Note III’s. Personally when I pop the door off the back of my Galaxy S III and see two unused contact points, I tend to lean toward the “all of them” position. While it’s hard to say where exactly this new charging unit will end up it most likely safe to assume it will debut at MWC and run the gambit of Galaxies in regard to compatibility.

Only time will tell what should made of this new charging unit, but like it or not inductive wireless charging will surely be a present factor in the smart phone arena for years to come. Anyone interested? We are! You can also rest assured that the Samsung wireless charger, whenever it is set to appear will be made available in our huge selection of Samsung accessories.

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