Samsung To Give a Sneak Peak At the Note III to At&t


Note_IIINext up, the Galaxy Note III! Samsung has been in the news a lot lately and for good reason. The company is continuing its maiden voyage into Android with their Galaxy line of smart phones. Recently, in case you missed it the company took the stage to announce their latest and greatest flagship the Galaxy S 4. The handset while it looks most like a GSIII is feature laden and comes into this world with an emphasis on software innovation. While the GS4 gets ready to dominate the world, it sounds like one of its biggest competitors is also getting a refresh! Galaxy Note III anyone?

Just like any flagship handset the Note III has been rumored since the birth of the Note II. Details surrounding the Note III have leaked all over the place. The latest rumor puts the latest Note III designs in the hands of At&t executives for the once over and plans on moving forward with the phablet. Early leaks of the Note III suggested that the handset would carry with it a 6.3 inch screen. It is said that that oversized slate will indeed still be produced but will not go by the name Note III, but will indeed become a ‘budget model’ handset that is planned for release the first half of this year and is set to compete with the onslaught of budget friendly phablets that will soon be invading. The 6.3 inch budget Note is said to come with a lower quality LCD screen and will be keeping the OLED’s for the flagship models. According to the KoreaTimes, the real Note III will be making its way to a meeting with At&t big wigs including their CMO this week in Seoul. With that, the Note III is expected to be announced sometime in August. Until then more details of the Note III will surely emerge and we will indeed keep you up to date on the Note III’s destiny!

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