Samsung Looks To Discontinue its Galaxy Tab Keyboard Docks

samsung_keyboard_dockSamsung reported to give the axe to tablet keyboard docks! Samsung reign of tablet and smart phones see no end in sight. The company is pumping out tablets of all sizes, shapes and colors to ensure anyone who needs an awesome tablet experience will have a Samsung option ready when they are. As tablets take over the mobile computing space however a call for full keyboard functionality is heard loud and clear. Samsung has produced many different keyboard docks for their tablet models, but if these new reports are to be believed the company will discontinue the keyboard docks in the near future.

If you have been paying attention to mobile technologies lately you may have heard the call for the “post PC” era. The idea is that mobile gadgets such as tablets will replace the traditional PC and move the technologies further into the mobile space. In the process of converting a PC into a mobile tablet, the first thing to go is the keyboard. Replaced by the touch screen the keyboard was one of those details that not everyone was ready to move away from. Because of this keyboard loyalty Samsung and many other aftermarket companies have been producing keyboard docks for tablets of the day. News of Samsung’s plans to discontinue the current Note 10.1, Tab 10 and Tab 2 7.0 keyboard docks have surfaced.  According to Slashgear, Samsung has confirmed with the UK retailer Clove they would discontinue the docks due to “supply issues” that has hindered shipments from November 2012. Clove has gone on to stay that Samsung will replace the keyboard docks with a more functional option that would serve as both a stand and charging dock for the tablet and a Bluetooth keyboard option would be used for text entry into the device. So, essentially not gone forever, just being reworked, and if I was a guessing man I would assume it may have something to do with Samsung’s Project-J rumors that have been accessory induced. While Samsung’s keyboard docks may be on the way out a new and improved variation may cost you a bit more. Remember however that there are a host of keyboard dock and case options available for your Samsung Tablets.

Anyone care? Are you one of the few that use a keyboard dock or case with your tablet? Sound off below and remember folks an amazing selection of keyboard docks for all models can be found here at

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