Samsung Leading Android Smartphone Sales in the US

Samsung has increased its lead in the US smart phone market to an impressive 32.1% of all Android OS powered phones. Last year around this time, Samsung had less than 10% of the US Android market. What’s the reason for all of this success? A lot of it is probably due to the Samsung Galaxy S series. Three million Galaxy S smartphones have been shipped as of now. While that pales in comparison to the sales numbers that Apple’s iPhone and RIM’s BlackBerrys enjoy, it certainly is still an impressive number. Remember, Samsung sells a lot more than just one phone anyway.

The data on Samsung’s grip on the US Android phone market is from Gartner. With only Motorola and HTC as real, direct competition to Samsung’s Android dominance right now, expect things to start heating up between the big Android three. Google’s Android OS is also projected to become the leading smartphone OS in the US in pretty much every poll and survey by the end of the 2011. Win-win right?

However, owners of Galaxy S series smartphones in the US might point out that they’re still waiting for the long promised update to Android version 2.2 ‘Froyo’. Froyo brings a number of speed improvements to Android, fixes bugs and allows Adobe Flash video content to run. While the lack of Adobe Flash on iOS might be a hot topic in the news, I’ve found that a lot of Galaxy S owners really don’t care. Wait, what? That’s right—many of them don’t even actually know what Adobe Flash is.

I’ve spoken to a number of Galaxy S owners I know (their numbers are only behind iPhone and BlackBerry owners) and none of them were aware that they could not play Flash video yet. Apple has stood firm in its decision to not support Flash on the iPhone and websites have taken notice. HTML5 is slowly replacing Flash as the preferred online video format. A quick stop over at one of my favorite video-based websites on a Galaxy S showed that Flash doesn’t really matter anymore—HTML5 has much broader compatibility and uses fewer resources. Every video site I use on any type of regular basis now offers HTML5 compatibility and works on even Android 2.1 ‘Éclair’ and iOS. I’m happy.

Can Samsung hold onto the top Android spot for long? HTML5 making the Android 2.2 update for the Galaxy S less necessary?

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