Samsung Launches the Galaxy S5 LTE-A In Korea

Samsung_Galaxy_S5_LTEAThe Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A gets unveiled in Korea. As your day dreaming of the very best in mobile hardware you may find yourself making mental improvements to already existing devices. Samsung has been doing just that since the launch of their latest flagship device. Devices like the rumored Galaxy F and Galaxy S5 Prime along with the official Galaxy S5 Active make for some excellent improvements to an already existing design. Today however a new variant to the S5 has surfaced in Korea. The Galaxy S5 LTE-A is here to take over the world, or at least be a new contender for best smart phone on the market!

The Samsung Galaxy S5 was announced back in February and released into the wild hands of the public the following month. To date we’ve seen the likes of the S5 Active and the K Zoom launch as S5 variants. Today we see the S5 that we all truly wanted launch. Faster, stronger and better are a few words that will describe the differences between the S5 and the S5 LTE-A. Just yesterday news of an announcement from Samsung made the rounds and today the S5 LTE-A is born! Most of the new LTE-A device is the same as the original, however a few key points have been improved. The screen on this new GS5 measures in at 5.1 inches and uses a Super AMOLED QHD touch screen that offers up an amazing 1440×2560 resolution at a whopping 576 pixels per inch. Internally this new variation is also getting an upgrade from a Qualcomm made Snapdragon 801 to a Snapdragon 805 which still runs a quad core 2.5 GHz processor. Additionally the S5 LTE-A will see an improved Adreno 420 GPU and gets a 1 GB bump in system memory pushing the device to 3 GB of RAM. Lastly the S5 LTE-A staying true to its name will run with LTE-A (LTE Advanced) connectivity that will allow its end users up to 225 Mbps in download speeds. Unfortunately, if you’re getting excited about this device and its download speeds don’t be as it is launching in Korea only for the time being and will cost its end users about 940 thousand won, which translates into about $920 bucks!

Anyone interested in a LTE-A equipped GS5 with some upgraded specs? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think and remember all the very best in Samsung Galaxy accessories are here.

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