Samsung Introduces The REX Series Feature Phones in India


Samsung REX feature phones launch in India. The feature phone is not something that we have heard a lot of lately. As the smart phone continues to reign, the feature phone for the most part is being left behind! While this sentiment may stay true in most parts of the world, the feature phone device still has a home in many developing countries around the world. As we are all getting caught up in super powered smart phones dowsed in Android and iOS we have seemingly forgotten about our long lost feature phones, not smart enough to be a smart phone, yet not dumb enough to be a dumb phone! While we may have forgotten, Samsung has kept the spirit alive with the new REX series devices.

Samsung has announced the new REX series handsets in India. The new series of devices include the REX 60, REX 70, REX 80 and REX 90 phones. Ranging between 2.8 inches and 3.5 inches the new REX series handsets are affordable devices that are said to offer up some excellent value for the price. While they all look like tiny Galaxy S devices to me, they have some unique differences. The REX 90 uses a 3.5 inch touch screen with a 480×320 pixel resolution, Samsung’s TouchWiz UI, a 3.2 mega pixel camera, Wi-Fi, and a host of preinstalled applications. The REX 80 uses a 3 inch touch screen with a 320×240 pixel resolution, TouchWiz UI, a 3 mega pixel camera and its own variation of preinstalled bloat. The REX 70 uses a 3 inch touch screen with the same resolution as the 80, sports DUAL SIM capabilities, the TouchWiz UI, a 2 mega pixel camera and a few preinstalled apps. The last REX is the REX 60; it comes with a 2.5 inch touch screen and offers the same 320×240 resolutions, DUOS dual SIM functionality, TouchWiz UI, a 1.3 mega pixel camera and a hose of preinstalled applications.

The new REX series devices are available now in India and there is no word on when or if they will find homes in other parts of the world, however the assumption is they will under different names! Any comments on the REX? Sound off below and let us know what you think of these new feature phones from Samsung. Also remember that all the best in Samsung accessories are here.

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