Samsung’s Infuse 4G will be available May 15th


Looks like May 15th will be a good day for some Smartphone shopping on At&t. Ma Bell and Samsung have announced the launch of their newest and largest Android phone to date. The Samsung Infuse 4G has been made official with a $200 dollar price tag on a new two year contract. The Samsung Infuse 4G actually stands out however, as it is a HSDPA Category 14 device that can theoretically pull 21Mbps speeds for all your internet browsing and Angry Birding. These potential speeds do come with a few hitches however. If you’re considering picking one of these units up and live in an area that has At&t’s ‘Fiber Backhaul’, hopefully you have an unlimited data plan. While having the these speeds doesn’t mean you’ll automatically go over your data cap, it simply means you’re more likely to use your wireless connection, which means you’ll most likely be over your cap quickly and those huge bills will come rolling in. I can see it now, lawsuits and thousand dollar bills being publicized and data caps being shunned all over again. But on to the phone

The Samsung Infuse 4G uses a super 4.5 inch Super AMOLED touch screen and sports Android version 2.2. The Infuse uses a 1.2 GHz Hummingbird processor, as well as an 8 mega pixel camera that can record your favorite moments in 720p. The Samsung Infuse 4G also sports a 1.3 mega pixel front facing camera. This new Infuse is currently the thinnest 4G Android phone on the market; it measures in at 9.24mm at its thickest point and 8.9mm for the majority of the design. You can also expect all the other standard features including, Wi-Fi, expandable microSD up to 32GB and Bluetooth compatibility. With this Infuse 4G you will also get exclusive Angry Birds content, that extends even further once that you get that last golden egg. Also the first 500 thousand Infuse 4G devices will come with a $25 dollar voucher for the Samsung Media Hub so you can download movie content on the house.

All in all the Infuse 4G is an amazing device that will surely be a hit. While it’s a big phone at 4.5 inches it packs the power you need to get stuff done. But keep in mind your data if you get those epic super fast speeds. Let us know if the Infuse 4G will be your next Smartphone. And if you’re lucky enough to pick up an Infuse 4G, be sure to check out our huge listing of Infuse 4G accessories here.

**A little update to the Infuse 4G, CrunchGear is reporting that the Infuse can download applicatoins and other goodies from external sources. Since At&t launched their first Android they have simply locked this feature out. With your Infuse you can go into your settings and check the “Unkown Sources” settings and your good. Hopefully this was intenttional and wont be reveresed in the near future.

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