Samsung announces Gravity 3, Gravity T, and the Smiley

Samsung and T-Mobile have teamed up to launch three new full QWERTY phones to the market. The new models are directed at the messaging world and will surely be a hit to some of the younger population. The Gravity, The Gravity T and the well Samsung Smiley.

Yes you have read it right Samsung, has named one of their new phones after an emoticon. The two Gravity models announced today are next generation Gravity phones and show minimal feature updates. Based on internal surveys held T-Mobile and Samsung, they are stating that seventy percent of customers say they use and rely on text messages to stay in touch with their network of contacts. Samsungs press release on the three phones goes on to say that 250 billion text and picture messages were sent and received in 2009, the release then goes on to note that this number has grown about 51% from 2008. A the numbers reported here are staggering and is the obvious motive for branding a phone simply Smiley, the new Samsung Smiley is a full QWERTY phone, that is stated to have a devoted quick key for a quick way into messaging applications. The Samsung Smiley has the ability to take pictures and record video with a 1.3 mega pixel camera, forever happy phone also comes with GPS, 3G speeds, Micro SD slot, and Bluetooth, the Samsung Smiley is available today and will run you about 19.99 with a mail in rebate.

The Gravity T and the Gravity 3 are next generation versions of one of the more popular messenger phones from Samsung. While the two Gravity models are very similar, the main and maybe obvious difference is the Gravity T is sporting a 2.8 inch touch screen while the Gravity 3 is using a standard numeric keypad. The Gravity phones share most functionality as the Smiley,  they allow Exchange support for emails, as well as the noted quick keys for easy access to messenger applications. The Gravity models listed however hold a 2 Megapixel camera for pictures and video recording.

What do you think of Samsungs new lineup of messenger phones?

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