The Samsung Gravity Q Announced for T-Mobile




Samsung’s latest Gravity Q launches with T-Mobile.  Samsung and the Gravity name go back a long time! The first Samsung Gravity was launched back in 2008 and was seen in the hands of many people across the world. The Gravity became so popular that it spawned a handful of variations. The Gravity 2 and 3, the Gravity TXT, Gravity T, Gravity Smart and now it is the Gravity Q’s turn to take the reins. While the Gravity line up may not consist of super high end spec’s and flagship monikers the devices do indeed perform and provide a solid user experience for anyone just looking for a phone. The new Q model looks to add some new twists and a bit of overall improvement. Let’s take a look see, shall we?

Samsung and T-Mobile have a long standing history together and no other phone proves that then the Gravity series handsets. T-Mo has announced the latest Gravity, meet the Samsung Gravity Q. While the Samsung Gravity Q does not meet the requirements to be deemed a smart phone, it looks to come with enough power to get any one end user through the day. This entry level QWERTY slider is perfect for anyone who loves to text and is not looking for all those extra bells and whistles that come along with smart phones of the day. The Gravity Q starts with a 3 inch QVGA 320×240 touch screen that offers up 133 pixels per inch and sits in the devices housing atop a full four row QWERTY keyboard. The Gravity Q also packs in a 1000 mAh battery, that will power a single core 416 MHz processor, 128 MB of RAM, 256 MB of ROM and expandable micro SD memory options up to 32 GB. Around back the Q offers up a 2 mega pixel camera that can record video as well as handle a few other camera tricks. Add in an FM radio, Bluetooth 2.1, GPS and a micro USB sync and charge connection and you may have one perfect little phone that will keep you connected day in and day out.

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