Samsung and Google to Announce Some Excellence come October 11th


While Samsung wrestles the legal battle of the century with Apple it’s good to know they have not lost focus or let the country wide bans halter their momentum. Samsung has been dominating the non iOS mobile markets in the past months and it looks as if they will continue to push forward with some new Android goodness. Invites to the Samsung Mobile UNPACKED 2011 even in San Diego have been sent out and the predictions have begun. However the invite states the event will be a Google Episode and shows a small Android being “unpacked”, so it’s safe to say we know what to expect.

What is expected to launch is the likes of the Google Prime that will in turn showcase the beauty of what will be Google’s updated OS. It’s been a while since we have spoken on a new Google dessert and it’s about damn time we get the likes of Ice Cream Sandwich out into the world.  The Google Prime has long been rumored to be manufactured by Samsung, and with the words “get a look at what’s new from Android” during a “Google Episode” nonetheless it’s pretty safe to say the world will get     a taste of the highly anticipated Prime and Ice Cream Sandwich. So in case you were wondering or have been under a rock, the Prime is rumored to be awesome. The rumors put a 720p HD screen that will come with Samsung’s Super AMOLED HD branding. Internally the device is supposed to carry an OMAP4460 processor. Furthering the Nexus rumor the device is slated for a stock un-skinned Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich build. If you’re interested in further details on the Ice Cream Sandwich update, take a look at the video below as it shows off the OS in most of its glory, this video was originally sent into Engadget and the Nexus S was picked up on Ebay running the latest in Android goodness. The device running the OS is said to have been remotely locked and wiped…presumably by Google…it was fun while it lasted.


So what do you think? Does Ice Cream Sandwich sound delicious to you? I know it looks impressive to me. Personally I need to see what Apple has up their sleeves before making any brash decisions. Either way it looks as if October will be an amazing month for mobile. And of course, if you need the very best in Android accessories, we got you covered.

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