Samsung’s Galaxy Tab makes its rounds with the big 4 stateside

America, are you ready for the Android tablet? Samsung if you haven’t heard has been producing quite a buzz surrounding there new Galaxy tab. Hot on the heels of their Galaxy S line that made its rounds with all of the majors here in the states it seems that the Galaxy Tab will indeed follow suit. However I could imagine that there will not be multiple form factors, simply a logo change on the back door and slight modifications in regard to GSM or CDMA. But good news, no wishing you were on a different carrier just to get a device.

Last night all four of the big players stateside posted some press releases announcing the Samsung Galaxy Tab into their lineup. Verizon, At&t, Sprint and T-Mobile will all be getting the highly anticipated Galaxy Tab come the holiday season. When scrolling through the press releases, it is amazing to see how many different ways there is to say the same thing. If you didn’t know the Galaxy tab is a 7 inch tablet that runs on a 1Ghz Hummingbird processor, sports Android v2.2. This is essentially the first tablet option for Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint however, At&t is happily expanding their tablet offerings with this new Galaxy Tab.

Samsung has recently announced that the Galaxy Tab will indeed be available in a Wi-Fi only version and users can get the experience without signing away the next two years of their life. Only problem I hear from that is the cost. Samsung also stated that the carriers will be setting their own prices for the tablet under contract, discounts extended surely. However, if you are looking at this unit as simply an e-reader or a surfer for home, you may be forking over some bucks. This merely based on the prices seen with the overseas releases. Another concern to many interested is how Froyo will fair on such a big screen, as it has been stated the OS is not optimized for table sized screens.

Interested curious? Want to see what HTC and Motorola come up with before jumping in to the Galaxy world? Sound off let us know!

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