Samsung Heats Up the Tablet Wars with Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1


Yes, we are currently in the midst of a tablet world war and Samsung has “re-entered” the battle field with some new shiny equipment. Samsung initially entered the tablet battle with the Froyo equipped 7 inch Galaxy Tab. While it was one of the first to clash with Apple’s iPad it surely left more to be desired. The 7 inch Galaxy Tab runs Android version 2.2 –Froyo which is optimized for phones, add in a bit of Android 3.0 HoneyComb and you get the Galaxy Tab the way it should have been.   

 Today Samsung announced the release of its two long awaited new tablets. The new tablets from Samsung will be in 8.9 inch and 10.1 inch flavors. The new Galaxy Tabs are here to make a dent as well with very competitive price points -of course the competition surrounding the price solely based on Apple’s iPad price point, for now. The new Galaxy Tab’s were announced at CTIA this year and are the talk of the town. However, the new Galaxy Tab’s enter the world with a bit of a setback in the eyes of many, TouchWiz. TouchWiz is Samsungs ‘Skin’ or user interface that lies over the top of the not so broken HoneyComb or 3.0. While I understand the concept of using a custom UI, Samsung should know many potential customers will avoid these tablets because of it.

The new Galaxy Tab’s are listed at 8.6 mm thin and now boasted as the thinnest tablets on the market, beating out the newly launched iPad 2 by two millimeters. Both tablets use 1GHz dual core processors and Android 3.0 or HoneyComb. Both of the new Galaxy Tab’s have a WXGA 1280×800 display, a front facing camera that comes in at 2 mega pixels as well as a rear facing camera with 3 megapixels and an LED flash. Both Galaxy Tab’s will have come in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB variations and have a microSD slot for expandable memory up to 32GB. But what’s the best part of the new Galaxy Tab’s? The price! Samsung has seemingly gone out of their way to make these Galaxy Tab’s affordable and it looks like they have. In a move that was not necessarily expected Samsung announced pricing as well. The 16GB WI-Fi only 10.1 Galaxy Tab is listed at $499, while the 32GB version will run you about $599. The Wi-Fi only 8.9 inchers will cost you $469 for the 16GB version and $569 for the 32GB version. Compare these prices to the famed iPad or the new Motorola Xoom and we surely have a new competitor.

So let us know. Do the new Samsung Galaxy Tab’s pique your interests? Or are the iPad or Xoom more of your cup of tea?

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