Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Game Edition Bundle Shows Up In Germany


A Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Game Edition bundles an awesome gaming accessory with a Galaxy Tab 3 8.0. The very best of mobile is found in connectivity and ease of use. These two things can keep an end user peeled to their smart phones day in and day out. But what really sends devices to the next level is their ability to play games! Now many end users need tablets and smart phones for serious business! While others simply need to be entertained! It looks as if Samsung is taking mobile gaming to the next level with their GamePad by bundling the device with one of their tablets!  

Way back in March Samsung took the wraps off of their long awaited Galaxy S4. The device was here to once again change the face of mobile computing as we knew it! As expected the GS4 is doing quite well for itself selling in droves across the lands. During the announcements of the device however Samsung quietly showed off a prototype their GamePad. The GamePad if you’re unfamiliar is a game controller very similar to that of say an Xbox 360. The convertible style controller slides open to allow docking of your mobile device. When docked and paired you have an excellent portable gaming rig! The GamePad now in its final form, with plans to set out into this crazy world all by its lonesome has just found a family friend in Germany. A German tech blog has spotted a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Game Edition bundle in the wild. The bundle comes into this world with no official word from Samsung and pairs the controller with a Galaxy Tab 3 8.0. Oddly enough however the tablet is a bit too large to be docked in the controller as the GamePad can only reach out to 6.3 inches. The bundle however comes with an HDMI adapter that will allow mirroring of the 8 inch tablet onto your TV or monitor. Additionally the bundle comes with three free games. Pricing and availability of the bundle have not been announced or even addressed by Samsung, but now that the secrets out it shouldn’t be long before Samsung makes it official. Price wise, keep in mind the GamePad alone is around $110 bucks. Add in a around $250 for the tablet and were looking at a rather expensive Android gaming rig!

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