Samsung will continue to roll out the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to the land down under

If  you have been paying attention than you would know that Apple and its bestie Samsung have been duking it out in the patent courts over the past few months. The suit was brought to Samsungs front door by Apple based off of essentially the user interface of some of Samsungs best new devices. These devices include the Droid Charge, the Nexus S and yes even the Galaxy Tab 10.1. The issue that Apple has with these devices is that they are extremely similar to the iPhone in form and function and just one glance at the right Samsung device you should see the similarities as well.

As the battle rages the two companies have been going out of the way to ban and or stop imports and sales of each other’s devices in certain parts of the world. On Monday it seemed that Apple won a small victory in the land down under. The company moved to halt or band the sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to the Australian people. With the measure in place Samsung would have to receive court ordered approval from the Aussie government to sell the slate within the country. However as the American Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the “international” 10.1 are slightly different Samsung will be ordered to present the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to Apple at least 7 days before the Australian launch? Apple complaint on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 however is for the American version only and it seems that Apple’s attempts at keeping the unit out of the country are not haltering Samsungs plans. Shortly after Apple motion with the Aussie government, Samsung had this to say: “Galaxy Tab 10.1 for the Australian market will be released in the near future,”. And this will surely happen without a hitch. Samsung has two versions of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Apple filed this motion about the ‘version’ that Samsung had absolutely no intentions on releasing in the land down under. So it looks like Apple’s overpaid lawyers may have missed the mark on this one!

What do you think of this mess? Can you see the similarities that Apple speaks of? Are you an Australian that is really looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think of this downright debacle between the world’s two most influential technology companies.

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