Samsung begins production of the Galaxy S5 QHD Touch Screen

Samsung starts production of the Galaxy S5! The Samsung Galaxy S5 is sure to be the ‘next best thing’, first it needs to be put together! Just as all previous models of the company’s flagship Galaxies, the leaks, rumors and speculation surrounding the S5 are continuing to heat up. This could be the year however that brings all of our wildest dreams of what Samsung’s Galaxy could be into fruition. Samsung’s next generation Galaxy has a lot to compete with and all the rumors are suggesting it should have no problem holding its own. The latest information surrounding the GS5 is about the devices screen. Unfortunately the screen won’t be bendable or curved but you can bet your bottom dollar its resolution and pixel density will be through the roof!

The Galaxy S5 believe it or not has a lot to live up to and Samsung is getting the device ready for prime time. Last we heard of the GS5 the device was rumored to be forged of aluminum. A metal based build is something Samsung is showing up late to. With the cheap plastic builds a thing of the past, the Galaxy S5 can go on to be something awesome! While the chassis of the device has seen the light of day, new details of the handsets screen have come into the headlines this morning. A Korean based website DDaily has it on good authority that the Galaxy S5’s touch screen have gone into production. According to the source Samsung has begun production on 5.25 inch QHD AMOLED touch screen panels for the new Galaxy S5.  If true this information proves the Galaxy S5 will come with a pixel resolution of 2560×1440 and have an outrageously high pixel density of 559.47 PPI. The details go on to state the screen will use arrange the pixels in a diamond PenTile pattern which should improve color reproduction issues that were found on previous Galaxy devices. Keep in mind that news out of Korea has been known for missing in the past so a grain of salt is added here.

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