Is Samsung Working on a Galaxy S5 Prime?

Samsung_Galaxy_S5_officialSamsung’s Galaxy S5 Prime begins is journey to reality! So in case you’re shopping for a smart phone right now and holding out for the awesomeness that is the Galaxy S5, you should probably put a hold on your plans! The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a mighty fine smart phone, a flagship if you will that will help carry Samsung’s mobile agenda into the next year. The only odd thing about the S5 is Samsung left some cards on the tablet. Now, don’t get us wrong the S5 as it stands is an amazingly powerful handset with more than enough to take on the world. But could it be better?

Early on during the leaky rumor stage of the new Galaxies life details surrounding two variations of the S5 surfaced into the headlines. According to the news, two versions of the device would be launched, a standard or “regular” version as well as a super special “prime” version. Looking back into Samsung recent history it is not surprising at all the company would make as many versions of one handset as possible. According to ET News, a Korean publication, the S5 Prime was confirmed as Project F during a ‘closed-door’ meeting at this year’s MWC. The details go on to suggest a metal built S5 with a quad HD display that will offer up 2k resolutions, a 16 mega pixel camera and an upgraded processor. Samsung is of course making this S5 Prime and potentially Note 4 Prime devices for end users who are willing to spend more for premium features…who knew! Unfortunately, none of this can be officially confirmed however a rather trusted blogger Eldar Murtazin further established the Prime’s existence by stating simply “Yes” when asked if the S5 Prime would launch this year. The insider also has mentioned the device will use a 5.24 inch AMOLED touch screen display with a 2560×1440 resolution at 560 pixels per inch, 3 GB of Ram, 32 or 64 GB of internal memory, a 3.2 mega pixel front mounted camera a 3200 mAh battery and further confirms the 16 mega pixel main camera. The S5 Prime is expected to be launched in the coming months, anyone interested?

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