Samsung Set to Build Galaxy S5 with Aluminum?


Is a metal made Samsung Galaxy S5 really on the way? So the end of 2013 is upon us and while we all stock up on holiday candy and presents for our loved ones, the rumors surrounding next year’s smart phones are just starting to heat up. Rumors surrounding Apple’s next generation iPhone and iPad are wild, while Samsung is sticking to what works with the Galaxy Note 3 Lite. While the Note series handsets have seemingly carried Samsung quite a ways, it is the Galaxy S devices that most typical end users lust after! A rumor that is a strong as Apple making a larger iPhone, is that Samsung would be manufacturing a metal based Galaxy S. The Galaxy S4 was supposed to be crafted from premium materials as was the Note 3. Can the Galaxy S5 finally bring the Galaxy S out of the age or polycarbonate?

Every year new details, rumors, leaks and positive suggestions assume the next generation Galaxy S will make the move from its rather cheap feeling and flimsy plastic builds for something a bit more sturdy, eye pleasing and all around awesome. Every year that goes past however we are left with a good old fashioned plastic build from Sammy. Earlier this week a bit of news hit the wire surrounding the next generation Galaxy S5 and its metalized future. According to Samsung will be partnering with the Taiwanese manufacturer Catcher to produce the unibody aluminum casings that will house all the excellence that will ultimately give the S5 its go. The picture above shows just that! The Galaxy S5 is expected to be many things. At this point however it is shaping up to be around a 5 inch device with a Super AMOLED touch screen that rocks a 2560×1440 pixel resolution and gets its power from a 64-bit octa-core processor. The S5 is also expected to come packing a 16 mega pixel camera that can record video in 4k a super large 4000 mAh battery all running Android 4.4 and build nicely into the metal casing you see before you! Any takers? The Samsung Galaxy S5 is surely shaping up to be an amazing smart phone.

What do you think about Samsung finally using a metal casing for their Galaxy S5? Sound of in the comments section below and let us know what you think and remember all the very best in Samsung Galaxy accessories are here.

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