The Samsung Galaxy F Alpha Gets Scaled Down to Compete with Apple’s iPhone 6?

Galaxy_F_1The Samsung Galaxy S5 Alpha scales down to compete with Apple’s iPhone? The Samsung Galaxy S5 is currently at the top of the totem pole in the flagship smart phone race but there is always room for improvement right? While the standard Galaxy S5 is an awesome device and may out do some of its competition, for some it is a bit too large. The S5 as it stands measures in with a rather large 5.1 inch touch screen display. The rumors surrounding the forthcoming iPhone 6 give the handset a 4.7 inch display. The latest rumors out of Korea however suggest the next generation Galaxy S5 will come with a slightly smaller screen as to compete directly with Apple’s future offering.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 was released back in March of this year to much anticipation. Before and after the devices launch rumors of a Galaxy Alpha aka a Galaxy F were circulating the rumor mill. Previous information gave the Alpha/F a 5.3 inch QHD touch screen, a Qualcomm made Snapdragon 805 quad core processor and up to 3GB of RAM. Additionally the rumor gave the device a 16 mega pixel camera and is expected to be made of a premium metal material. New information that surfaced last week, surrounding this forth coming S5 variant however suggests the handset will not come with a 5 inch plus touch screen, but rather a smaller option closer to that of the iPhone. With this new information most anyone paying attention is expecting a standard HD definition rather than QHD. Additionally the rumors are suggesting Samsung will be using their in house made Exynos processor rather than Qualcomm’s Snapdragon. Lastly the report goes on to mention the Galaxy Alpha/ F will be announced August 13th and is expected to be in stores before Apple’s next generation iPhone.

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