Leaky Renderings Suggest Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Zoom is Heading to At&t



Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Zoom in At&t branding shows up picture perfect in the rumor mill. The Samsung Galaxy S4 was launched back in March of this year. Shortly after the devices introduction to the world, a handful of variants began to appear in the headlines. Some of these S4 devices like the S4 Mini and ultra durable S4 Active were seemingly reasonable versions of the device that may appeal to a segment of customers that the original S4 missed. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom on the other hand has been called many things since it was first leaked into the wild. Today a new rendering of the camera centric handset shows the camera…phone will be heading to At&t.

The Samsung Galaxy S4, love it or hate it was a solid improvement to the GS3 however, Samsung staying true to form has produced a handful of different GS4 devices in an attempt to ‘improve’ upon the design by meeting the core needs of ever customer out there. The GS4 Zoom targets those smart phone users who beg for a better camera. The Galaxy S4 Zoom was announced by Samsung back in June and has roaming the world unlocked since. EVleaks has produced a new leaky rendering of the Galaxy Zoom that shows the device will be making its way to Ma’bell. While the handset is essentially a Galaxy S4 Mini with an amazingly oversized housing that forms a standard point and shoot grip around 16 mega pixel camera it may actually be successful here stateside. The S4 Zoom starts with a 4.3 inch touch screen that is built into rather thick 15.4 mm housing. Internally the device uses a dual core processor that clocks in at 1.5 GHz and gets help from 1.5 GB of RAM and 8 GB of memory as well as expandable micro SD memory options up to 64 GB. The camera is the devices selling point however and it uses a 16 mega pixel sensor that offers a whole host of camera tricks including a 10x optical zoom. According to EVleaks the Zoom will launch with At&t by the year’s end. Any takers?

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