Samsung Galaxy S Receives Wi-Fi Direct Certification, Android 2.2 ‘Froyo’ Update Starts in UK

Samsung’s Galaxy S GT-i9000 is the first smartphone to ever be certified as a ‘Wi-Fi Direct’ device. What exactly is Wi-Fi Direct? The standard allows two Wi-Fi devices to connect to each other directly without needing a wireless router to act as a go between. While the technology will probably not replace Bluetooth for music applications, it does have a lot of promise.  What is even better is that a firmware update can bring the ability to many existing Wi-Fi compatible devices. Oh, and an “official” Android 2.2 ‘Froyo’ update has finally started hitting Galaxy S smartphones in the UK (no, it doesn’t bring the feature yet).

Two devices connected to each other over a direct Wi-Fi connection can share data at much faster speeds than are supported with Bluetooth or even the near field communications (NFC) technology that is rumored to be finding its way into the iPhone 5 and other smartphones. Syncing output from your smartphone to your television wirelessly would be a huge step up from having to plug it in, even if there is a video quality tradeoff. Quickly transferring large files between smartphones is another potential application. Pretty much any electronic device with a Wi-Fi chip inside is a possible candidate for smartphone control.

Phandroid has received reports that the long awaited Android Froyo update has started its over-the-air (OTA) process to Galaxy S phones in the UK. This matches Samsung’s statement last month that the update would arrive in the UK in “early November” after some customers received the update early as part of its testing process. Unfortunately, the US release of Froyo for the Galaxy S is not slated until “by the end of November” according to Samsung. Android 2.2 brings Adobe Flash 10.1 support with it and numerous improvements. Galaxy S owners are already ticked off that it is taking Samsung so long.

The Froyo update also brings Wi-Fi hotspot abilities to the Galaxy S, speed improvements and better web browsing. Long story short, Samsung needs Froyo on its phones because it is throwing all of its weight behind the Galaxy S line. Its Galaxy S Tab tablet will be going up against Apple’s iPad and the company already has an iPod touch competitor (which is stuck with Android 2.1 as well) with the Galaxy S tag. Google is already prepping Android 2.3 for release soon…

Think that Wi-Fi Direct will catch on? Happy that at least someone is getting their Froyo update for their Galaxy S? Let me know.

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