Let the Samsung Galaxy S IV Rumors Fly


As we move forward into this holiday season new smart phones and tablets are seemingly popping up all over the place, as they should. Companies are making a huge push into the buying season to help put their profits margins in the black. Lately a slew of seemingly under privileged entry level smart phones have been bumping the bottom end and the high end just seems to get larger. With all these new devices becoming a reality, there is always time for a bit of speculation and rumor and in the case of the Galaxy S4 it’s a surprise it hasn’t happened sooner. Samsung has taken their Galaxies to new heights in the past year or two and it is now time for some gossip surrounding their mother of all flagships the inevitable Galaxy S 4.

The Samsung Galaxy S III is an amazing phone with a set of specs that are nearly perfect and a build that has around 30 million happy users proclaiming its greatness, myself included. If you’re unfamiliar, it carries a 4.8 inch Super AMOLED HD touch screen, a dual core processor, 2GB of RAM, an 8 mega pixel camera, Wi-Fi and a whole slew of other awesome features. But how do you improve on such success? Initial rumors of the Galaxy S4 started to appear on the interwebs, shortly after the launch of the SIII and provided a release date for early 2013. This rumor stated Sammy would announce the device at MWC 2013, unfortunately for anyone interested the company went on record debunking that farce. However, even with the denial in place from the horse’s mouth, the rumors can’t stop, won’t stop. While the launch window, date or time frame may be a way off, we can talk specs, can’t we? New details of what the Galaxy S IV will offer have been labeling the new Galaxy a 4.9 inch Super AMOLED HD touch screen device that offers up a 1920×1080 pixel resolution at 441 pixels per inch. Which ironically are the same resolution specs for the recently launched Droid DNA and offer up considerably more pixels than Apple’s famous retina screens. Said screen is also believed to sport a curved design with a bit of help from Samsung’s infamous flexible screen technologies. Internally the S IV is said to come packing a 2GHz quad core Exynos chip set and 2GB of RAM. Which will indeed be called upon as it is also speculated a 13 mega pixel camera will be on board as well as a 1.9 mega pixel front facing shooter. Running the likes of latest in Android, offering 4G LTE connectivity and a super large 3200 mAh battery the buck, unfortunately stops here on Galaxy S IV rumors.

Anyone interested? I know I sure am, but is it too soon? Could a Galaxy S IV announcement in the near future cannibalize S III sales? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of the Galaxy S IV rumors. Does any of this sound believable? Something you’d been hoping to see missing from these rumors? Let us know and remember, the very best in Samsung accessories are here.

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