Samsung Galaxy S Takes on the iPhone, iPad and Now iPod touch

Apple has some competition from Samsung in an unlikely sector. Sure, the iPhone has managed to propel itself into second place globally in terms of smartphone marketshare but now Apple’s core business—music—might be under attack from the Galaxy S series of smart devices. Samsung already has like half a dozen Galaxy S series smartphones hitting or already in the market. It is going after Apple now in the tablet category by releasing the Samsung Galaxy S Tab tablet. What’s next? The Galaxy Player 50. It’s a Galaxy S series but without the cellular connectivity. What does that mean? It’s an iPod touch running Android.

Since Apple released the iPod touch series (which runs iOS just like the iPhone and iPad), no other competitor has managed to launch similar product that people actually want. Why would they? The iPhone might be locked into AT&T’s network in the US, but the iPod touch has no cellular radio and thus no carrier. Long story short? It’s an iPhone in your pocket in case you already have a cell phone you are happy with. One guess as to what the Samsung Galaxy Player 50 is? Yeah, the first in surely a salvo of shots at the iPod touch.

Check out the video of the Galaxy Player (or YP-G50 as it seems to be codenamed):


Like what you see? Finally, a real Android powered alternative for a smart MP3 player. While the device still does not have an official launch date (it is on pre-order in France), some general pricing specifics have come out: $199 for an 8 GB version and $249 for the 16 GB version. Of course, these are Euros converted into dollar amounts, but since this isn’t carrier subsidized, expect about the same pricing or even a little cheaper in the US.

The Samsung Galaxy S Tab tablet will be launching on November 1st so it stands reasonable that this model will come out at about the same time. Excited? Hoping for an alternative to iOS when it comes to multimedia devices that fit into your pocket? With web browsing via Wi-Fi, and pretty much all the features in a regular Galaxy S smartphone except a cellular radio, the Galaxy Player is certain to find a home somewhere.

Tell me your thoughts on this. Is there a market for an Android MP3 player that competes against the iPod touch? The iPod touch 4 just too good for Samsung to have a chance? That’s what the comment section is for so use it!

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