Samsung Galaxy S III Rumors Fly

OK, we’ll bite. The Samsung Galaxy S III rumors are heating up and the wishful thinking is putting a debut on this new monster phone at the upcoming Mobile World Conference in Barcelona. While it may seem too soon for a new build the Galaxy S II made its debut at the conference just last year, so the potential is surely there. But how exactly do you drastically improve upon the Galaxy S II? Stuff it with more awesomeness and keep it thin, that’s how! While rumors fly, it seems that we may have already had a peek at the device during the company’s press conference at CES. For a brief second, what seems to be a next gen Galaxy S takes control of a point and shoot camera to snap a picture remotely. The device in the video which can surely just be a ‘mock’ up sports a similar design but has basically no bezel. Wherever these rumors take us, if the new trend is losing the bezel were all in!

While I love a good subliminal message as much as the next guy, we want more details on this new phone. Luckily for us this is an ‘industry’ and there are insiders that leaky juicy details when they can! The rumors of the soon to come GSIII come from Eldar Murtazin, this lucky man has supposedly had some hands on time with upcoming model and has shed a little light on the devices credentials and release information. According to the source the Galaxy S III will be a beast, a monster or at the very least a next generation super phone. Early leaks speculated that the next gen Galaxy S would carry either a quad core 1.8 GHz or 2.0 GHz processor. Murtazin states that the quad cores will indeed be evident however will most likely be clocked between the 1.5 to 1.6 GHz ranges, which will still be super fast. The only other detail revealed is that the device will carry a 12 mega pixel camera. Release information from this leaky source state that the GSIII will show face at this year’s MWC and will be made available in European markets come April. It may also be safe to assume the GSIII will run with an HD touch screen that is birthed from the AMOLED family. Other rumors state the GSIII will come equipped with an auto-stereoscopic 3D display, let’s hope not!

Check out Samsung’s Keynote at CES for a glimpse at what the GSIII may look like. And other awesomeness from the company.

So a quad core processor, a 12 mega pixel camera, a slim to non-existing bezel, an HD screen that may carry 3D functionality. Subtract the 3D function and you can take my money! So what do you think of how the rumors are shaping up the GSIII. What do you want from the next generation Galaxy S? Sound off in the comments below and let Samsung know. And if you are in need of the very best Samsung accessories, we will always have you covered.

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