The Samsung Galaxy S III Mini is Set to Please the Small Hand Masses


Samsung and their ultra popular line up of Galaxy devices have seemingly taken over the world. Say what you want about Samsungs business practices, lawsuits and patent infringement, the Galaxy line up of handsets are everywhere. In a market place that has seemingly been dominated by Apple it’s good to know that there are options, and good options at that. The scale of the Samsung Galaxy handset has grown a bit over the years. The first generation models of the Galaxy handsets used a rather tame sized 4 inch touch screen. The second generation flagship Galaxy smart phones crept up the scale a little and clocked in at around 4.5 inches depending on your model. The latest Galaxy S III continues the trend and measures in at about 4.8 inches. With this gradual climb in screen size you have to wonder where it stops, and why is Samsung not addressing their end users who are looking for the latest and greatest but in a more traditional size. The Samsung Galaxy S III Mini is here to answer that calling.

Rumors and small details surrounding the existence of the Galaxy S III Mini have been lurking around the shadows of the interwebs for a few months now and details of the device have been a topic of interest since its first rumor. Today a German based mobile tech blog have exposed the Galaxy SIII Mini as a reality. Shortly after its leaky exposé Samsung went on record confirming the devices existence and noted it will be officially announced tomorrow. While Samsung was a bit quite on the details of the handset the leaked details show it to be a perfect complement to the oversized, highly powered Galaxy S III. The Galaxy S III mini is said to run with a 4 inch Super AMOLED touch screen display with an 800×780 pixel resolution and of course it operates with the likes of Android version 4.1 aka Jellybean and skinned with Samsungs latest in TouchWiz UX UI. Internally the Galaxy S III Mini will be taking a bit of a drop in processing power from a quad core Exynos chipset found in the full sized Galaxy S III to a dual core 1 GHz STE U8420 processor. Additionally it’s expected to pack in 1 GB of RAM, spot a 5 mega pixel rear facing camera and cost around €399 or around $510. While the details on this awesome new prospect unfortunately end here, the exact and official details should be put on display tomorrow at Samsung’s event in Germany. We will surely keep you updated.

Any takers? Anyone? Interest or not it seems that Samsung is again tossing some tar and feathers on the market to see what sticks, and by all accounts the Galaxy S III Mini does seem to have a place. I guess only time will tell. But let us know what you think. Can the Galaxy S III Mini be a win for the company or you? Anyone hate the oversized screens that have innodated the market? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think. Before you go remember to check out all the best in Samsung Galaxy S accessories today.

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