The very best Samsung Galaxy S III Accessories

The Samsung Galaxy S III is the new flagship of flagships. This handheld has it all. A solid plastic build that is impossibly thin, and computing power built in that would make most desktops blush with envy. The Galaxy S III is slowly making its way around the world and we will have you covered with accessory options no matter which version you use. If you’re an international roamer we have all the Galaxy S III i9300 accessories you need. But if your tied down to your carrier, no problem we have you covered as well with Sprint L710 Galaxy S III accessories, Verizon i535 Galaxy S III accessories, At&t i747 Galaxy S III accessories,  T-Mobile T999 Galaxy S III accessories and even US Cellular R850 Galaxy S III accessories. Luckily for everyone, the Samsung Galaxy S III is pretty much the same across the board; this means all Galaxy S III accessories should be compatible across the lot. Let’s take a look at some of the very best Galaxy S III accessories.

Power and staying charged is worth its weight in gold to a smart phone user and your Galaxy S III is a monster phone that takes a lot to stay powered. Luckily it has all the power it needs with its Samsung Galaxy S III 2100 mAh battery. A replacement battery is an invaluable asset to accompany your GSIII, but only when you have a way to keep it charged and ready to go. Enter, the Samsung Galaxy S III Spare Battery Charging system with battery. This amazing Galaxy S III accessory is a spare battery charger that uses a standard micro USB connection for power. It comes with an additional standard Galaxy S III battery and also doubles as a perfect stand option for your GSIII in both horizontal and vertical viewing angles. With a spare battery and battery charger, you nightmares of running out of juice at the wrong time simply vanish.


Even with a fully charged spare and an excellent way to keep a charged battery on hand when you need it, sometimes a good old fashioned charger is what your Galaxy S III desires. Fortunately for you we have many charging options. Take this Samsung Galaxy S III micro USB travel charger for example. This simple but effective USB based AC charger comes with a standard Samsung Galaxy S III micro USB sync and charge cable, that can easily be used with the adapter, but can also be used by connecting it to your computer for a charge or a sync as well as other USB based adapters. Now your GS III should be good indoors, but sometimes the open road calls and you’ll need a Samsung Galaxy S III micro USB car charger to accommodate your smart phones eternal hunger. This easy to use car charging adapter comes in two pieces. The charging adapter fits seamlessly into your cars AC port and the included micro USB charging cable finishes the job with a solid connection.


Now that you’re all powered and ready to face the world with your Galaxy S III, you should know it’s not indestructible. The Galaxy S III is made of some premium plastic materials that can face the music when it takes a drop. But let’s face it, the Galaxy S III is super slippery and will most likely face gravity finish line more than once. So picking the right Samsung Galaxy S III cases is paramount to the life of your new smart phone. Good thing is, we have a wide variety of case options to keep your device safe. Take this awesome Samsung Galaxy S III Flip Cover in Pebble Blue for example. This excellent case is made by Samsung and offers up full frontal protection to your display. The Flip Cover is a plastic based felt lined cover that is infused into the left side of a Galaxy S III battery cover, thus it provides a book style cover for your phones display. But if that’s not enough protection for you, maybe this Samsung Galaxy S III Trident Aegis Case will work. Offered in black, pink, red or green, this case has it all. The Trident Aegis cases are dual layer protective cases options that will keep your Galaxy S III safe without adding to much additional bulk, or ugly design! They start with a high quality, high density silicone skin that wraps around your Galaxy S III like a form fitted glove. Its shock absorbent silicone layer is then followed up by a scratch resistant polycarbonate plastic outer shell that can take a beating. With an included screen protector, these Trident Cases will last just as long if not longer than your Galaxy S III will.

With the very best in Samsung Galaxy S III accessories, you will no longer need to worry yourself about the condition of your smart phone. With the right cases, covers, chargers, batteries and more, you and your Galaxy S III can live happily ever after! The end.

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