Another American Variant of the Samsung Galaxy S II Makes its way into the lime light

Samsung’s latest Galaxy S II has been making its rounds across the globe for the past few months and is in its transitions period to make its way stateside. See, if you remember when the original Galaxy S launched it came to the states in four different variations for each major carrier. Americans got the likes of the Fascinate, Epic 4G, Captivate and the Vibrant. All of these unique devices were just carrier specific ways to say Galaxy S. With the Galaxy S II making its international rounds it’s time for the American variants to start leaking.  We have already seen the likes of Sprints Within variant and what is expected to be At&t QWERTY version, today we get a look at the T-Mo variation that is set to spec war in its place.

The Samsung Hercules was initially spotted as being the end all be all three hundred and fifty dollar super phone back in May. The specs listing are amazing. It seems that PocketNow and TmoNews have gotten their hands on some spy pics of the new super handset and of course exposed them to the interwebs. So what can you expect from the Tmo Galaxy S II variant? Well a lot actually. This new slate styled phone is said to come fully equipped with a super large 4.5 inch display as well as messaging, calendar and email apps that are said to be “much better” than what Google offers up stock. The internal specs are at this point all speculation but, it reads like something out of an erotic gadget fantasy book. A 1.2 GHz dual core processor is said to be made by the likes of Qualcomm as opposed to Samsungs very own Exynos. You can also expect 4G connectivity with the new Hercules and these 4G speeds can pull up to 42Mbps thanks to its HSPA+ radio. Other unconfirmed specs put 1GB of RAM and 16GB of flash storage in the pocket of this monster along with the latest in Android OS.

While the majority of these details are unconfirmed at this point it seems that the bar may have just been taken up a notch. With specs like these you can bet competitors around the world are bumping their specs to compete this summer of coming holiday season.                

So is anyone interested in the new slew of Galaxy S II devices on their way to the states? I know I sure am. With specs listings like this we will see an overall upgrade to all devices released over the coming months, or at least we should. Also just in case you forgot, when you want to find the best in Samsung Galaxy S II accessories you should definitely check us out.

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