A Few of the Best Samsung Galaxy S II T989 Accessories

Keeping your phone safe is a number one priority when picking up the latest and greatest in smart phone technology. The Samsung Galaxy S II T-Mobile T989 is the next best thing out of T-Mobile’s Android line up, keeping it safe and uniquely yours is important. The Galaxy S II T989 is an amazing phone. This super phone packs in a 1.5 GHz dual core processor that is super fast and makes the likes of Android version 2.3.5. With its perfect 4.5 inch Super AMOLED touch screen you’ll get a 480×800 pixel resolution that is better than some televisions. With power like this following you around day in and day out you may need a few extra’s to ensure its longevity.

Keeping your new Galaxy S II T989 charged and synced may be more important than you realize. With our many Galaxy S II T989 accessories you will never run low on battery or be out of sync with your digital world again. Take this Samsung USB Travel adapter with detachable Micro USB cable for example. This is the same charging adapter and cable that would have shipped with your T989. Its simple USB based AC charging adapter can connect to any standard wall outlet and make a simple connection to your phone for seamless charging. However, when it is time to sync with your computer, the standard micro USB data cable can help. This same Samsung Micro-USB charging and sync cable can keep your battery powered from your PC or laptop. Getting power while on the road is also simple enough with the likes of this Monaco 3.1 AMP Extreme Charge Car Power Adapter. This amazing new car charger from Monaco can easily give you the power your phone needs while on the road as well as any additional devices you may be carrying including your tablets. All you will need is a simple micro USB charging cable. With these and many more charging and syncing options your battery and digital life will always be ready to go.

When charging is not possible for whatever reasons, a larger extended battery or fully charged spare is needed. With the likes of this super large Samsung Galaxy S II T989 Monaco extended battery, your power woes disappear. This super large battery clocks in at 2500 mAh and will surely get you through an average day with no powered connections needed. With a fully charge standard
spare Samsung Galaxy S II T989 EB-L1D7IBA battery you may never need to tether your  phone to a charger or charging cable again.

Protecting your new Galaxy S II T989 super phone is next and should be pretty high on the priorities list and we have all the options you need. From multi layer protector cases to professional grade leather cases they are all here. Take this Monaco Samsung Galaxy S II Aluminum case for example. This excellent case is made of aircraft grade aluminum that provides amazingly durable protection in a super lightweight package. With a soft neoprene interior lining all the shock from a deep drop will be absorbed, an optional belt clip makes this not only an excellent protective case but also the perfect carrying solution. Other options including this professional grade Galaxy S II T989 Book Type Leather case by Monaco can easily keep your phone safe as well as add a bit more functionality to it with its two folio or wallet styled pockets. The case sports double enforced stitching, genuine cowhide leather, as well as strategically placed cutouts for all ports and features. This excellent case also provides an optional belt clip option for easy carrying.

With all these case and powering options and many more, you will surely have all the Samsung Galaxy S II T989 accessories you need. We carry and endless selection of accessories for your Galaxy S II as well as all versions of the GSII in our huge Samsung Accessories section.

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