Samsungs Galaxy S to get Froyo’ed in September

It is looking like the next few months will be chalk filled with Froyo goodness and this blogger is not complaining. Samsung has recently went on a rampage with their Galaxy S line, releasing a different version to all major carriers in the US as well as releasing its unlocked version in other parts of the world. When the release was going down, Samsung let the world know that Froyo was eminent, and would be available for the Galaxy S line sooner than later.

Froyo is the next best thing in the world of Androids operating system, it is said to make improvements that even the most oblivious smartphone user would applaud. As Froyo source codes have been made available for some time now, some assumed that Froyo would be available for the newly launched Galaxy S line by now. In response to many questions about when Froyo would update to the Galaxy S line, Samsung has posted a response on their UK based Twitter account. The post on twitter, (what you see pictured) is essentially saying “were working on it” and look for it in September. This update as it was posted on Samsungs UK Twitter account is said it will be available to UK Galaxy S users in September. There is no word on when the Captivate, Vibrant, Epic or Fascinate would receive the blessing of Froyo, but if you ask me it should not be too much longer after the UK release.  

September is a long ways down the road, and anything can come up in between that time frame, and dates can be pushed back. Although this is coming from an official Samsung social site, I would not bet on this being completely official, as things do come up from time to time.

So the wait is on, are you a Galaxy S user? Can’t wait for Froyo? Tell us what Froyo means to you.

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