The Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q One Step Closer to Launch

The Samsung Galaxy S Blaze originally showed up to the market place back in March of this year. Luckily for anyone interested, the Blaze is seemingly getting a Q make over. Back in July a variation of the wildly popular Galaxy S Blaze showed its face on the interwebs, thanks to an unnamed Mr. Blurrycam. Additional details of T-Mobiles plans for the Galaxy S Blaze Q also may be coming into fruition if this new press shot leak has any merit. In an mobile world dominated by slate styled touch screen designs, it’s refreshing to see a full QWERTY option.  

A new press rendering of the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q has surfaced to the internet recently and it seems to confirm the previously assumed release date. In previous leaks of the device an internal T-Mobile document stated the Blaze Q will hit store shelves come August 15th. The new press rendering of the Blaze Q, which was scrounged up by TmoNews.Com show a home screen that displays a date of August 15th. Many manufactures in the past have “secretly” put the release dates of the device as the set on the screen. Combine this and the previous rumors of release it look like a Blaze Q variant is just around the corner. So what can you expect from the Blaze Q? Well some excellence and a physical home button! While the Blaze Q is still unconfirmed the following specifications could indeed be changed by time the Q is released. The Blaze Q has a lot to offer. Its screen size at this point is still unconfirmed, but a standard 4 inch plus sizing may hit the mark. Whatever its size, its resolution is said to come in at a 720p pixel resolution. Internally this new bad boy will of course run with the likes of Android version 4.0 and the OS will get its go from the likes of a 1.5 GHz dual core processor. Delving a bit deeper you can expect 1 GB of RAM and of course that super effective 4 row keyboard. Around back a familiar 5 mega pixel camera can be with video recording capabilities. An additional unspecified front facing camera can also be found. With connectivity like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS you can expect the Blaze Q to handle anything you toss at it.

So any T-Mobile customers interested in a new high powered QWERTY? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of this new messenger loving device. And remember, you can find the very best high quality Samsung accessories today.

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