The Samsung Galaxy S Aviator Gives US Cellular’s LTE Wings

While the race to 4G may be over in the eyes of the majors and most of their customers, some companies are just kind of getting around to it. With the launch of LG’s Viper, Sprint has taken their 4G campaigns into the LTE world and of course for good reason. While it seems as if T-Mobile may be the only major left without LTE plans in the works, some of you may be happy to know that US Cellular is dropping its very first LTE equipped smart phone. While that may sound great if you’re a customer, it gets better as the new Samsung Galaxy S Aviator is a Droid Charge in disguise!

The Droid Charge was one of the early Verizon LTE devices and scored high in mostly all fields. A rock solid device with excellent battery management options and of course super duper fast data speeds with LTE. The Droid Charge is one of the best LTE based Android devices on the market and as it seems, its exclusivity has expired with big red. US Cellular has taken to the 4G LTE band wagon and recently launched their first LTE device with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. A few weeks later and the Galaxy S Aviator’s are born. The Aviator is literally a Droid Charge made to run with US Cellular’s network. In case you missed out on the details of the Droid Charge the first time around, no problem, a new network surely means a quick recap is in order. The Galaxy S Aviator comes packing a perfectly sized 4.3 inch Super AMOLED touch screen that will provide a 480×800 pixel resolution. Internally this beast runs a 1GHz single core Hummingbird chipset that is backed by an internal graphics card and 512 MB of RAM. You’ll also have the ability to expand your microSD memory card up to 32GB. The Galaxy S Aviator will come packing Android version 2.3.6, aka Gingerbread, aka… outdated. Around back you will be able to snap pictures with an 8 mega pixel sensor, while an upfront 1.3 mega pixel camera handles all your video conferencing. The main camera can record video in full 720p HD at 30 frames per second! You can also expect, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0 and HDMI connectivity. Sounds like an excellent phone right? Well there is good news and bad news! If you live outside of one of US Cellular’s select cities the Aviator will cost you $200 bucks, after a $100 mail in rebate, putting your grand total in store over three hundred bucks! Now in a rather perplexing move, “select” LTE cities including Iowa, Maine, North Carolina, Texas, Wisconsin and Oklahoma will sell the handset for one hundred bucks cheaper. While those locations currently have US Cellular’s LTE connectivity, the press information goes on to state that West Virginia, Washington, Virginia, Tennessee, Vermont, Oregon, New Hampshire, Maryland, Missouri and Illinois should see the LTE roll out toward the end of the year.

So any US Cellular customers looking to pick up this new Droi…I mean Galaxy S Aviator? Sound off in the comments and let us know. But before you leave. Be sure to take a gander at our huge selection of the finest Samsung accessories and US Cellular accessories.

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