Samsung Introduces the Galaxy Round!




Samsung’s bent Galaxy Round becomes official! Companies like Samsung and LG have been experimenting with flexible or bendable LCD panels for quite some time now. When the idea was first brought to the attention of us lonely consumers, it felt like one of those “I’ll believe it when I see” it scenarios. Recently the talks of these futuristic panels have become the talk of the mobile town as both Samsung and LG announced we would see something from the technologies in the coming months. Well folks, Samsung have announced their first ‘bent’ smart phone known as the Galaxy Round! But are flexible, or in this case bent screens a benefit to your smart phone or tablet, or is the Galaxy Round a new bucket of tar for Samsung to test its market? Only time will tell for sure, but the Galaxy Round is real.

After seemingly years of teases and rumors surrounding the flexible panels Samsung has stepped up to the plate and announced the Galaxy Round. Recently rumors about said devices began heating up as both LG and Samsung announced plans to enter the market at some point this year. Late yesterday evening, EVleaks sourced a press release picture of the Galaxy Round and just a few hours later Samsung made the device official. So what can we expect? Well the Galaxy Round starts with a 5.7 inch full HD Super Flexible AMOLED panel that offers up a 1920×1080 resolution at 386 pixels per inch. The screen, as you may have noticed curves in from the sides. Delving a bit deeper shows us the Round comes packing in a MSM 8974 quad core processor that clocks in at 2.3 GHz, alongside 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of memory and up to 64 GB of expandable micro SD. Around back the Round runs with a 13 mega pixel camera while a front facing sensor offers up 2 mega pixel’s. Additional connectivity can be had with the likes of Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, LTE Advanced, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, USB 3.0, and NFC. The Galaxy Round will be launching in Korea and will cost about one million won, which translates into about $1000 bucks! Check out this little trick Samsung taught the Galaxy Round! Your move LG!

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