The Samsung Galaxy Reverb Bounces its way to Virgin Mobile


If there is one thing to say about Samsung, they know how to milk cow. In this case the cow is made of silicone, LCD’s and cash. The Galaxy line for Samsung has been a hit and millions of end users are happy with their smart phone. Of course the galaxy is vast and the company is not done adding stars. The Samsung Galaxy Reverb is the latest Galaxy to become official and its ready and available to allow you to stay connected…contract free!

The Galaxy Reverb popped up on the internet toward the end of last month via a leaky tweet that was published by EV Leaks Twitter account. The leak for the Reverb and a few others, ultimately got their account shut down, but not before a few juicy details were out in the open. While the leaky details are nice, hearing it from the horse’s mouth is what we all actually want. Today, the official details emerge. The original leaked pegged the Galaxy Reverb for a Sprint launch. Officially the launch of the Reverb will be with Sprints sister company Virgin Mobile. The carrier took to the press today to announce the new device. Pre-Orders will open for the Galaxy Reverb on August 29th for about $250 bucks and will be made available in store in September. But will that price tag get you? To put it plainly, a solid smart phone with all the power you’ll need. It starts with the likes of Android version 4.0 that can be controlled in all its glory from the Reverbs 4 inch touch screen that provides a 480×800 pixel resolution. Internally, Android will get its go from a Qualcomm MSM8655 1.4 GHz processor and 768 MB of RAM (RAM numbers are unconfirmed) and expandable microSDHC capabilities up to 64GB. Around back the Reverb will also carry a 5 mega pixel camera with video recording capabilities while a front facing 1.3 mega pixel shooter can be had for all your video conferencing needs. Additionally we can expect the Galaxy Reverb to carry with it Wi-Fi and GPS connectivity as well as Bluetooth version 4.0 and a good old fashioned micro USB connection for syncing and charging purposes.

And that’s that! The Samsung Galaxy Reverb will be available via Virgin Mobile in September for $250 smack-a-roos and pre orders on the device start in five days. Anyone interested? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of the Samsung Galaxy Reverb. And remember, the very best in Samsung Galaxy accessories are here.

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