Samsung Galaxy Q specs leak

The Samsung Galaxy S line has been in the news lately showing off four different models that have already been released or will soon make their appearances on one of the four major carriers in the US. What you may not have noticed however is the small news of the Galaxy Q line making its way into the market.

Back in June the Korea Times reported that the Samsung was preparing an Android based smartphone that would directly compete with the Blackberry sector of the industry. The Galaxy Q line was said to sport the same “design” principles of the already established Blackberry’s, but add touch screen capabilities that Blackberry seemingly lack. The initial rumors on the Galaxy Q line, put the device in the hands of the dealing, via At&t and Verizon with rumored time frames pointing to a “by the end of the year” line.  Samsung recently announced that they are shooting to take over 10% of the smart phone game by the end of the year, and it looks like there drive does not end with the Galaxy S line.  Today MobileCrunch.Com has gotten their hands on specs for the new Galaxy Q line and has shared it with the world.

The Samsung Q will reportedly run Android OS 2.2 and be powered by the amazingly fast 1 GHz Hummingbird processor. The Samsung Galaxy Q will also be sporting a multi touch 3 inch Super AMOLED screen. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0 are also standards on the Galaxy Q line. The Galaxy Q line comes with 16GB of internal storage, as well as an 8 mega pixel camera and a 1.3 mega pixel front facing camera. The Galaxy Q line will weigh in at a mere 3.8 ounces and the specs highly resemble the specs that are found on the Galaxy S line up.

So a new pretty fast Samsung may be on the way, and looking to replace your Blackberry.

So be on the lookout, and let us know what you think of Samsungs surge to 10% dominance.

Interested in the Blackberry killer from Samsung?

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