Samsung’s new Galaxy Prevail

A new Android device has hit the scene and guess what. It’s a new Galaxy from Samsung. Last year Samsung staked their claim in the smart phone industry and is steadily attempting to reach their goals with the help of that little green fellow we have all come to know Android. The new Galaxy Prevail is branded and ready to go on Boost Mobile’s network. The Android Prevail from Samsung is the first CDMA based Android device to hit the prepaid sector – life is good for Android.  Will the newest member of Samsung’s Galaxy become your next device?

 Samsung and Boost have officially launched the Prevail, which is set to give end user an amazing Android experience for cheap. While the specs on the new Prevail aren’t necessarily the best in the business, the Prevail holds its own for what it’s worth. The details on the Prevail aren’t so shabby. The new Prevail comes equipped with a 3.2 inch touch screen and a 2 mega pixel camera that can record video. The Prevail runs Android version 2.2 Froyo and has a host of other goodies, including GPS, Bluetooth, an internet browser, speaker phone functionality, free and unlimited navigation, voice mail, call waiting and three way calling. The Samsung Prevail comes equipped with a 2GB microSD card and is expandable up to 32GB. The best part about this new Galaxy Prevail is it’s only $180 bucks and will only run you about $50 bucks a month for Boost’s legendary unlimited plan. The Prevail is the first true CDMA prepaid Android phone and quite possibly the beginning of the end for the iDEN network as we know it. If you want some high quality Android for cheap – the new Samsung Galaxy Prevail is it.

The Samsung Prevail is slated for a mid May release and will run you about $180 bucks before taxes. So is the Prevail look interesting to you? Does the allure of a ‘shrinking’ $50 a month unlimited plan intrigue you? Let us know what you make of the new Samsung Prevail in the comments below.

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