The Samsung offers a Galaxy for all with the Galaxy Pocket

When looking to the sky on a clear lonely night you will see an uncountable number of stars and Galaxies. With a Galaxy to call your own a small part of the universe could be yours. If it was up to Samsung everyone in the world would have their own Galaxy…of course by Galaxy we mean Android handset. Today another Galaxy option has appeared from the depths of the Milky Way to provide users with yet another Galaxy option. With the high end Galaxy S II devices, you can pick up the cream of the crop handset, need a bit more size? The Galaxy Note can help, want a tablet? No problem the Galaxy Tab has your back. Want a super small yet powerful Galaxy? Well… the Galaxy Pocket is now here to fill that void.

The Samsung Galaxy Pocket is a new super compact budget minded smart phone that fills in the low to mid range of the Galaxy devices alongside the recently announced Galaxy S Blaze 4G. While the Pocket is by no means comparable to the Blaze 4G, they both aim to put a Galaxy branded device in the palm of the world. Samsung announced the existence of the Galaxy Pocket today and have further confirmed a ‘later this year’ time frame. While no price tag was attached to this new piece of hardware, it may be safe to assume cheap is a good word to describe it. Samsung has taken their phones from one extreme to the other with this new Galaxy Pocket. The name is perfect for this little bugger as it measures in at an, against the grain 4.08 x 2.26 x 0.47 inches. That is super small compared to the competition in case you’re wondering. 2.8 inches of the housing is dedicated to its capacitive LCD touch screen that clocks in with a 240×320 pixel resolution and provides 143 pixels per inch. Internally the new Galaxy Pocket will add itself to the ranks of Android as it uses version 2.3 to make all the magic happen. Of course Android is properly skinned with the infamous TouchWiz UI. Delving further, Android will get its go from a single core 832 MHz chip set that is backed by 3 GB of internal storage as well as expandable micro SD memory. Other details include a 2 mega pixel camera that can record video in QVGA quality, Bluetooth version 3.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 b, g, n connectivity, microUSB as well as A-GPS and some built in Navigation. With the power of Android in this device it is sure to be a winner in some markets. While there is no pricing on the new Galaxy Pocket is it slated to be released in the UK later this year. No word on an American release.

So? Does the Galaxy Pocket sound interesting to you? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of the new Samsung Galaxy Pocket. And remember all your Samsung Galaxy accessories can be found right here at WirelessGround.Com

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