Samsung’s Galaxy Note is Huge


Samsung has been launching new phones left and right in the past few months and for good reason of course. With the recent official announcement of the Galaxy S II making its way state side with the Epic Touch, Hercules and At&t variation (whatever it will be called) it seems that Samsung has moved on to other endeavors’, and they are huge. Not like in epic-ness, per say but in literal size. After a few rounds of the GSII and a few other niche based devices, Samsung has taken to IFA to announce some big news.

Earlier last month the name of three undetected Samsung devices were pulled from an application file log. These devices were the Galaxy Tab 7.7, the Wave 3 and the one were here for the Galaxy Note. Remember when 4 inch phones starting surfacing and we all thought it was crazy? Well it’s not. Since the dawn of devices like the Droid X and the Dell Streak 5 it’s all been crazy. Samsung is taking the mini tablet idea to the next level, and it looks and sounds impressive. The new Samsung Galaxy Note surpasses their largest smart phone and sets the new standard at 5.3 inches. The Galaxy Note sports some pretty impressive specs and it starts at the first thing you notice…the display. This Super AMOLED display will give your eyes an HD 1280 x 800 pixel resolution. Sound good yet? Well it gets better. Internally you can expect the same standard of greatness. Start with Gingerbread, include HSPA+ connectivity and a dual core 1.4 GHz processor, and end with amazing…but large. The Galaxy Note also comes with a stylus and can be seen in action at the video below. This beast as its being called also comes fully equipped with an 8 mega pixel rear facing camera that can record video in full 1080p HD as well as a 2 mega pixel front facing camera. The Galaxy Note measures in surprisingly thin and light weight as well. The Note is 9.65 mm thin and only weighs in at 6.3 ounces. Keep in mind the GSII measures in a bit thinner, which isn’t really surprising but there is more room on this beast to spread the internals making it thinner, but I’m not complaining. You may be thinking what about the battery, well Samsung was thinking about that as well. This monster is powered by a removable (thankfully) 2500 mAh battery. You can also expect the best of Sammy’s TouchWiz skinned all over the top of Android and a new intuitive interface that goes by the name of “S Pen” which optimizes that included styli. Check out some of the cool things the Galaxy Note can do, I’m really impressed with the ‘tracing’ function found at: 57 seconds.


There is currently no word on the release date or price of the Galaxy Note but you can rest assured Samsung is in talks with carriers to ship this worldwide. And I’m assuming it won’t be cheap, but we shall see. So tell us what do you think of a 5.3 inch smart phone? Too much or just right? Sound off and let us know what you think, and if you need Samsung accessories we got you.

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