A Few of the Best Samsung Galaxy Note II Accessories

Your new Samsung Galaxy Note II is quite possibly the best big phone available. A version of the device is ready at the helm on most all carriers worldwide and its specs and hardware are legendary. With its oversized screen, intuitive S-Pen and optimized UI the Note II is simply put, awesome. Even with its solid plastic build and durable frame, the Note II is not indestructible. Quite the opposite actually its size makes it a drop hazard. But keeping it charged can also prove to be challenging as its super sized battery can only take so much use in a day. Today we’ll show you some of the best in Samsung Galaxy Note II accessories that will not only ensure protection and power, but can also add a bit of functionality where normally note found!

First your screen! The Galaxy Note II comes with a 5.55 inch 720p HD screen and keeping It safe and guarded should be priority number one! We carry a few of the best Samsung Galaxy Note II Screen protectors for just that. A Galaxy Note II Screen Guard like this one applies very easily and keeps your rather vulnerable touch screen safe from the every day, bumps, bruises and scrapes. The large screen of the Note II however may bring a new harm to your screen…snoopers! You know those people that look over your shoulder at a bus stop or in a park to see what it is you’re looking at. Unfortunately for Note II users this is a bit more of a reality. But with this Samsung Galaxy Note Mirrored Screen Guard you can rest assured the content you view is for your eyes only. This applies just like any other screen protector and offers a mirror when the screen is powered off. When powered on, only the centered user can see through the mirror like it was crystal clear.

Protecting your Galaxy Note II is next up and we have some pretty awesome case and cover options for you and your Note! Let’s check out this perfect Samsung Galaxy Note II Premium Book Style Stand Case from Monaco. This awesomely unique case option is hand crafted from genuine cowhide leather and offers a bit more functionality to the Note II. Double stitched in red thread this case opens and closes on a flexible bind that is attached to a shell style case that houses the Note II. When propped open properly the horizontal base of the Note II can be seated in the closure tab of the case which will provide you with a perfect multimedia stand. The interior of this awesome new case is lined with a super soft crushed leather material to ensure all sides of your phone are perfectly safe when encased. With cut outs and access points to all ports, features and functions including your S-Pen and awesome camera, this is a really solid case option. If a more simple approach to protection is what you’re looking for, check out this Samsung Galaxy Note II Body Glove Diamond Shell Case grey and black also offered in white and pink. This excellent case option from Body Glove infuses a soft silicone or gel skin style material with a hard polycarbonate plastic outer shell to offer up dual layer protection in one super slim package.

Power! You need it and when it’s low, you crave it! The Samsung Galaxy Note II comes with a class leading 3100 mAh battery, but what happens when that battery is not enough for your day to day? Well, with this Monaco Samsung Galaxy Note II extended battery you can easily get through a day without even thinking about a charge. This amazingly large battery clocks in at double the standard and offers users 6200 mAh for daily use. It comes with a slightly over sized battery door to accommodate the extra size of the battery. We also have options for anyone against a bit of extra size. This Samsung Galaxy Note II Spare Battery Charger and Stand, comes with a micro USB wall charger, a standard OEM spare Note II Battery and a Note II stand that opens and can charge the spare battery. With a fully charged battery at the helm, you’ll never worry about being stuck to a wall when charging or even running out of battery in those times of need.

With our large and ever growing selection of premium, original, aftermarket and OEM Samsung Galaxy Note II accessories you and your new smart phone are sure to live happily ever after.  

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