Stay Safe and Ready with our Amazing Samsung Galaxy Note Accessories

Your Samsung Galaxy Note is most likely one of the most powerful pecies of computing genius you have in your arsenal of greatness, why leave it exposed to the elements. The Galaxy Note is a huge 5.3 inch touch screen device that packs in a super powerful 1.5 GHz dual core shipset. With all its flare, features and raw excellence, a super charged extra large smart phone like this is just waiting to be dropped, scratched and over all abused. If that sounds like what happened to your last smart phone you may want to check out our long list of Samsung Galaxy Note accessories, today. Lets take a look at a few of the best.

Taking your Galaxy Note with your wherever you go is surely expected. But when you find yourself locked behind the wheel on those long road trips you may need some power and an easy way to interact with your Note. Enter the Samsung Galaxy Note Vehicle Navigation Mount. This excellent car mount is made and manufactured by Samsung exclusively for your Galaxy Note. It comes with a micro USB car charger and a custom fit, suction mounted cradle for your Note. Once you dock your Note you can use its intuitive ‘in car’ set up for easy hands free access to your speaker phone, GPS and information. Simply put…the very best car mount for your Samsung Galaxy Note.

If the car mount is too much, and you still need simple car charging capabilities, check out this perfect Samsung Galaxy Note Micro USB car charger. This car charger is simple and straight to the point. It is a USB based charging adapter that comes with a separate micro USB charge and sync cable. The USB charging adapter can be used with any other USB powered mobile device and the included cable can be used in many other situations, including PC charging or use with non Samsung devices.

So now you’re in car charging is taken care of you may need to find some excellent AC charging adapters. Take this Samsung Galaxy Note USB Travel Charger for example. This charger comes in two pieces. A simple USB base connects into your AC outlet while a simple micro USB cable makes the connection from the power source to your mobile device. Both the USB AC charging adapter and included micro USB cable will also be compatible with many devices outside of the Samsung collection.

OK, charging and syncing is in the bag, but with devices like the Galaxy Note having a charger around all the time may not be sufficient enough. Enter the Samsung Galaxy Note Spare Battery Charging System and stand. This small little accessory will keep your Note powered and ready at all times with the help of a fully charged OEM battery. Included in this package is a standard Samsung Galaxy Note 2500 mAh battery, a Samsung Galaxy Note Micro USB Travel Charger as well as a Samsung Galaxy Note Battery charger.  The battery charger will charge your standard OEM battery to its tilt and be ready for use whenever the battery you started your day with dies. Doubling as a perfect desktop, multimedia or even a simple alarm clock stand this Note battery charging device is worth its weight in gold.

Power, sync and spare battery charging are down. Last but certainly not least, protection. If you are the type that always finds yourself tossing your Galaxy Note into your duffle or purse this Samsung Galaxy Note Genuine Leather Pouch case may be for you. It is a simple leather sleeve style case option that is form fitted and exclusively made for your Note. It sports double enforced stitching and a small cut out for your rear facing speaker. If leather is not your thing check out these super cool Galaxy Note Perforated Shell Cases, in white, red and black. These form fitted cases are molded from a high density, ultra lightweight poly carbonate plastic and will keep your Galaxy Note safe and sound day in and day out.

With all these Samsung Galaxy Note accessories and many, many more you can surely find all you need to ensure your Galaxy Note lives a long, fully charged and happy life! Check them out today and let us know if you’re looking for something in particular!

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