Three Variations of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 All But Confirmed for MWC Launch

Anyone interested in a Galaxy Note 8.0? Well, get ready as it’s on the way! Samsung, while we love their products has seemingly been on the tar and feathers routine when it comes to tablets. Not that we mind so many options, it just seems that figuring out what size tablet works best for the majority of people isn’t really in the cards. Instead, we get almost every size feasible. From the Galaxy Tab 10.1, the Galaxy Tab 7, the Galaxy Note and now the Galaxy Note 8.0. The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is all but confirmed after weeks of leaks, confirmations from executives of its existence, renderings, pricing leaks and now model numbers.

Way back in late December leaky details of the Galaxy Note 8.0 leaked under the model number N5100 as it appeared at Shortly after it bench mark appearance Samsung’s JK Shin acknowledged the tablets existence and confirmed its launch for MWC. A few hours later a rendering of the tablet appeared in rendering on a screen grab that came alongside some Galaxy S4 rumors. The rumors continued as the N5100 was confirmed as the Note 8.0 and then out of a stroke of brilliance, the Note 8.0 was seen in the wild today Unwired View got some more details on the tablet from the Bluetooth SIG. The documentation outs the Galaxy Note 8.0 as having three different variations. The GT-5100 which will be the Wi-Fi and 3G version, the GT-5110 will be Wi-Fi only, while the GT-5105 will combine Wi-Fi, 3G and LTE connectivity. The details of the report also point out that the three variations will all be making their way through Europe and of course all are expecting a global release of the new tablet. The details of what the new Note 8.0 will offer are still of course unconfirmed however, one thing’s for sure it will come with an S-Pen. The abundance of leaks surrounding the tablet give the new slate a 7.9 inch touch screen display that offers a 1280×800 pixel resolution, a quad core chipset likely Exynos, 2 GB of RAM, a flash less 5 mega pixel camera and will run with the likes of Android’s Jelly Bean. Rumors also suggest that the Note 8.0 will cost about €450 which if true will have a hard time competing with Apple’s iPad Mini.

Personally I’m indeed interested in the Note 8.0. A perfectly sized tablet with surely enough processing power and a host of features like the S-Pen and much more should set it apart from the heard. Maybe. What do you think? Sound off below and let us know what you think of a Galaxy Note 8.0. And remember folks, the best in Samsung Galaxy accessories are here.

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