New Pictures Reveal the Samsung Galaxy Note 4


Pictures of Samsung’s next big thing have leaked into the wild! If you haven’t heard of Samsung and their array of Galaxy smart phones, you’ve likely been living under a rock! The company and their lineup of device is currently taking over the world. Producing a smart phone and tablet in nearly every size, shape and ability ever needed has perpetuated the electronics company to the forefront of the mobile world. The original Galaxy Note was released back in 2011 and most anyone paying attention thought Samsung went off the deep end with this enormously sized device. Nearly three years later and the Galaxy Note is on its fourth generation and is still the phablet that all other phablets strive to be.

Currently the mobile tech world is holding their breath for the release of Samsung’s next generation Note. Details surrounding what we should expect from the Note 4 have been hit or miss. Rumors suggest the device will use a quad HD display possibly, of the wrap around variety and a next generation SoC. Additional rumors suggest the device to have 5.7 inch screen with a 2560×1440 resolution and a heart rate monitor snuggled next to the rear facing camera. Unfortunately most of the rumors surrounding the device are not set in stone. A new picture however of the device gives us a clear look as to what the Note 4 will look like. The pictures if real show off a rather large device that clearly includes the infamous S Pen, a micro USB 3.0 connector, a sensor of sorts to the left of the camera a bottom mounted speaker and what seems to be antenna bands reminiscent of the One M8. The pictures were sourced from GSMArena and unfortunately don’t come with any additional information. The Note 4 is largely expected to be announced on September 3rd at the IFA conference in Berlin.

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