Samsung Announces the Galaxy Golden Flip Phone


Samsung makes the Galaxy Golden Android flip phone a reality in South Korea. Samsun is known for pushing the envelope of options. While some of the company’s products may be edging the line of innovation they surely do cross the line of options. With a Galaxy for every end user in every corner of the world, it looks as if Samsung is getting a bit nostalgic and producing the Galaxy Golden flip phone. While it is not the first time Samsung has put Android into a flip style form factor, the fact they are doing it again speaks volumes to the once standard design amongst cell phones.

Way back in November of 2012 Samsung took to the market with the likes of Jackie Chan and luxurious SCH-W2013. Before the W2013 the company produced the W999. A flip style phone with dual touch screen panels both inside and out. Today Samsung has announced their new dual panel Android flipper, the Galaxy Golden. Recently Samsung launched the W789 Hennessy flipper with the same premise. The Hennessy was announced and is currently destine to be sold in the Chinese market place. The Galaxy Golden however takes the same design improves its spec sheet and launches it with SKT and KT carriers in South Korea. The Galaxy Golden is to come with two 3.7 inch Super AMOLED touch screens, one external and another internal accessible when the device is open. Deep inside the Golden you’ll find a highly capable 1.7 GHz dual core processor running the show and keeping Android version 4.2 operating at a buttery smooth pace. Additionally the Golden is said to come with an 8 mega pixel camera. Unfortunately the spec sheet stops there. The Golden does however sport some software features including an “easy mode”, a pedometer, business card recognition, and an FM radio. As expected the new Galaxy Golden will be offered up in a gold color and sell for about 790,000 won, or about $700 bucks.

Anyone want a high powered Android flip phone? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of the new Samsung Galaxy Golden and remember that all the best in Samsung accessories are here.

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