The Samsung Galaxy Discover Makes Its Way Stateside

A new Samsung Galaxy Discover makes its way stateside! The amount of low end smart phones that have been entering the fray is endless. There are hundreds of entry level smart phones making their way into small dark corners of retailer locations as we speak, and truth be told, it’s hard to keep up with them. The more entry level phones however provide us end users with more options! A small entry level pre-paid handset not that long ago could make phone calls, and text. Today a low or entry level handset has all the options most flagship smart phones do but with slightly lower end specs. Today a new entry level Galaxy is making its way into the states and it goes by the name of the Samsung Galaxy Discover.

The Galaxy Discover is a new entry level Android based smart phone that was announced today for release here in the states. The handset was recently launched in Canada under the Bell Mobility moniker, a small trip south will find the Galaxy Discover getting its connectivity under Net10 and Straight Talk pre-paid, contract free carriers. Unfortunately time frames and price tags have been left out of this round of info however, we could expect a release date of soon, and a price point that is definitely affordable! So what can you expect from a new entry level Android handset from Samsung? The new variation of the Samsung Galaxy Discover enters the fold with a slightly different build than the original. The Discover’s build measures in at 11mm and houses a 3.5 inch touch screen display that offers up a 320×480 pixel resolution at 165 pixels per inch. The Galaxy Discover runs Android version 4.0 and also comes with a 1300 mAh battery. Internally the Galaxy Discover will run with a Qualcomm MSM7225A system chip that offers a single core 800 MHz ARM Cortex-A5 processor. Additionally the Discover packs in an Adreno 200 GPU, 2.7 GB of user storage and expandable microSD memory options up to 32 GB.  Around back a 3 mega pixel camera with a few tricks and video recording up its sleeve. Other connectivity can be had with GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and MicroUSB 2.0.

While the release dates and price points are MIA, tell us what you think! Is the Galaxy Discover worth your praise? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think and remember all the best Samsung Galaxy accessories are here.

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