Samsung Galaxy Beam will Have Built-In Projector

Okay, I am jealous. The new Samsung Galaxy Beam is going to be a beast of a phone, but there has been no word yet on when it will come to the United States. Known by the codename “Halo,” the Galaxy Beam will be arriving in Asia next month and will be the first Google Android OS powered phone to have a built-in projector. Texas Instruments is manufacturing the actual DLP pico projector part. Interested yet?

The Galaxy Beam will be no slouch when it comes to all the other parts of a phone either. Running Google’s Android OS 2.1, the smartphone uses GSM technology and includes an FM tuner. The screen holds its own at 3.7” with Sumsung’s Super AMOLED technology to make sure the colors are vivid and sharp. Of course, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS are built-in, and the phone boasts 16GB of storage, which is expandable via microSD cards.

According to Brighthand, the actual dimensions of the Galaxy Beam are 4.8” (H), 2.4” (W) and 0.6” (D). It comes in at 5.5 ounces. Two cameras are included, one on the front and one on the back. The front camera is VGA and most likely for video conferencing. The rear one boasts a resolution of 8 megapixels. An impressive batter powers the device, giving you up to 420 minutes of talk time. That should appease some smartphone users who have been complaining that their batteries last far than less time between charges than they would prefer—a byproduct of increasingly more advanced and power hungry devices.

South Korea based Samsung has placed its own skin over Google’s for the user interface (UI) even as Google prepares its Gingerbread update that is expected to greatly improve the UI of Android OS 2.2. Google wants to avoid phone manufacturers changing how the UI works because the previous results have been mixed. Samsung’s tweaks make the Android OS look and act like Samsung’s own open source “bada” platform. Google probably be annoyed by that, and since the phone will be running the slightly older Android OS 2.1, no one has any idea how future updates to Gingerbread will affect things. An update war between Google and phone manufacturers anyone?

The price for the new Samsung Galaxy Beam has not been set yet, but don’t expect it to be cheap.