The Very Best in Samsung Freeform 4 Accessories


The Samsung Freeform 4 is the latest Freeform to hit the market and its packing a lot ofimprovements. The FreeForm 4 comes from a long line of messaging centric devices and the latest rendition is no different. This bar styled phone comes with a more than capable QWERTY keyboard, a 2.4 inch screen, expandable micro SDHC memory, Bluetooth 2.1 and a 2 mega pixel camera. But with all these features, you’ll need to keep your phone safe. Luckily for you, the Freeform 4 is easy to keep safe, charged and ready with all of our Samsung Freeform 4 accessories.

Lets start with power. Without power your new trusty smart phone is pretty much worthless. But keeping your Freeform 4 charged is easy with all our Samsung Freeform 4 chargers. When you need power, you best bet is a good old fashion Samsung Freeform 4 USB Travel Adapter, like this.  This perfect little charger is a small USB based AC charging adapter that comes with a standard Samsung FreeForm 4 micro USB sync and charge cable. This simple one meter cable can easily connect your Freeform 4 to your PC for syncing purposes or charging purposes. You can also use this cable for a connection to any USB based charging adapter. But what about those long or even short road trips where a top off of your battery is needed. This Samsung FreeForm 4 Naztech N4000 Car mount can handle the charge you need while giving your Freeform 4 a place to rest. This perfect car mount comes with a built in car charger that sports an additional USB output. This means, your Freeform 4 and an additional handset can be charged simultaneously. The universal styled mount can cradle your Freeform 4 with or without a case and get it the power it needs time and again.

Next up and in some cases, most importantly protection! We carry many different Samsung Freeform 4 cases, covers and pouches to ensure your Freeform 4 is protected, close by and ready when you are. Take this Samsung Freeform 4 Horizontal Pouch type case option. This perfect horizontal pouch is made of a high quality durable nylon material that opens and closes horizontally on a magnetic button. Around back a fixed belt clip will stay attached to anything you decide to clip it to. A bit more protection can be found in one of the many Samsung Freeform 4 cases. A good old fashioned Samsung Freeform 4 protector case comes in many colors and design options. With one of these fine protective case options you can ensure your Samsung Freeform 4 is protected and ready at the helm.

With all the best Samsung Freeform 4 accessories, you can ensure your new smart phone is protected, charged, fully synced and ready when you are!

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