Samsung Fascinate hits Verizon’s inventory




A long time ago in a land far away Samsung came up with an amazing idea to take the smart phone industry by storm. The amazing idea leads to far away Galaxy-S that was Captivated by the Fascinate-ing and Vibrant-ly, Epic people that were found there.  Samsung’s journey is winding down the line and will stop, at the MTV’ music award?? Huh….

Samsungs’ Galaxy line has made waves within the industry. Producing some nice devices that have made their way to the best carriers the US has to offer. Sprint will soon be rocking a new 4G device known as the Epic 4G, At&t got their hands on the touch screen Captivate, and T-Mobile is running there Avatar loaded Vibrant right now. But what about Verizon? Being the biggest and badest bully on the block you know they had to make an entrance and who can blame them. Reports based on pictures of Verizon’s internal inventory. It seems they are starting to accept shipments of the Samsung Fascinate into their distribution centers. Phandroid initially posted the pictures and is calling for a September release time. And the MTV thing? Well as reported on BGR.Com, it seems as if a reader has put a not that unbelievable strategy on this release.  If Phandroid is expecting a September release, well the MTV Music awards are the 12th of that same month. Did Verizon delay the release of this Fascinate, to coincide there marketing campaign with the MTV Music Awards? If you ask me yes, they sure did. In what would surely be an expensive but very receptive showing of their new device, it would be hard to imagine not seeing Verizon’s face somewhere during the broad cast.

Only time will tell, but what do you think of the Fascinate and the idea BGR’s reader has. Will we see the Fascinate soon? Will Kanye and Eminem bring Samsung Galaxy tablets on stage, ok maybe that’s a little too much?

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