The Samsung Droids Invade, The Galaxy S Line up

So if you haven’t heard enough about Samsungs new endeavor to put them back into the “lime light” were back with a little bit more info on their new Galaxy S line up. Samsungs quest to gain 10% of the smart phone market is surely in full swing folks. Get your sync and charge cables ready.

Samsung just yesterday held an event in NYC to show off their new Galaxy S line that is set to take over the US, within the next few weeks. At this point the Galaxy S line consists of four new phones, all of these phones have different names extremely similar specs, and will all have their own home on different carriers. In the picture above snapped by Engadget, you will see from left to right, the At&t Captivate, the Sprint Epic 4G, the T-Mobile Vibrant and the Verizon Fascinate. All of these models are from Samsungs new Galaxy S line up, and all are pretty much uniform, with small differences here and there. All of the models carry 4 inch Super AMOLED screens, 1GHZ Hummingbird processors and a 720p recording capabilities. Each carrier is donning each of their models out with their own goodies, and T-Mobile giving away a free copy of Avatar with their version of the Galaxy S line. Other than showing off all the details and specs of the new Samsung Galaxy S line, Samsung stated that all the models in the Galaxy line up will be shipping with Android 2.1 and all will be ready for the Froyo update as soon as the carriers issue them.  Sprint reportedly stated that the wait for Froyo or 2.2 on their Epic 4G would not be a long one.

“Here we go Samsung Here we go”

Samsung is obviously on a mission here and I’m behind them. The Galaxy S line shows to be impressive, maybe not super phone impressive but surely a staple in setting a standard in the smart phone arena, so more power too you Samsung. What will sure be more impressive is the Galaxy tablet that has been lurking around the rumor mill, Samsung is seemingly setting themselves up pretty well.

Tell us what you think; do any of the new Galaxy line intrigue you?

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