Samsung’s Convoy 2 Becomes Available – Provides Ruggedness on the Cheap


In this mobile world we get inundated with the highest end most powerful smart phones on the planet. It seems like every day there is a new monster device that out ranks its competition by sometimes the smallest spec increments and it is the next best thing. While this battle for the best most powerful smart phone continues, it seems that lower end, you know, just regular phones are still being produced. Not everyone needs a superfast mobile computer in their pocket you know, although they should! Enter the Samsung Convoy 2. This new rendition of the Convoy line brings some improvements along with a take me anywhere attitude.

The original Convoy was a beast and I don’t mean that compared to smart phones of the day or in a high end spec way. I mean it was shock, dust, vibration, salt fog, humidity, solar radiation, altitude, low and high temperature resistant and could take on any day pretty much anywhere in the world. The Samsung Convoy 2 is no different, put it in any situation and watch it come out unscathed. The Convoy 2 has become available on the big red Verizon for a mere $79.99 of course under the terms of a new two year contract. But what can we expect from this ultra durable flip phone? Well for starters you can expect the same military grade design that can withstand all the elements listed above, due to its MIL–STD–810F specifications. The type of phone you can take anywhere and not have to be concerned for its well being. Other features include a 3.2 mega pixel camera which is a 1.2 upgrade from the original, as well as stereo speakers and multimedia transport placed on top layer of the flip. You can also expect Bluetooth 2.1, GPS, expandable memory with a micro SD memory card slot, along with dual noise cancelling microphones for those perfect crystal clear conversations. The Convoy 2 also puts preinstalled apps onto itself in order to keep you prepared. With this new device you will have access to a full HTML web browser, the VZ Navigation app, email, instant messaging as well as a few social networking apps to keep you in touch to your social networks when you’re in the mud.

So what do you think of the new Convoy 2? Seems like pretty good deal to me. If you don’t need all the fancy-ness of a super smart phone the Convoy 2 should work out perfectly for you. Let us know what you think of the new Convoy 2 and its super ruggedness. And in case you looking we have the best selection of Convoy accessories and a growing selection of Convoy 2 accessories right here.

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