Samsung and Sprint’s Conquer 4G Takes over the Entry Level Sector with 4G and high(er)end specs

The low to mid end smart phones are jumping in specs and the world better be ready. Do you envision a smart phone future? Well you should. That whole post PC era can be seen in swing with the likes of the recently launched Motorola Triumph for the prepaid sector and now this Conquer 4G from Samsung. With the announcement of the Triumph and now the Conquer 4G it would seem that Sprint has taken the initiative to bump the low to mid range spec sheets into the future. The standard processing power that we are accustomed to, is now being reserved for mid range devices as the future looks to dual core’s. I’m completely for it; let’s take a look at the new mid range 4G device from the folks at Samsung.

The D600 from Samsung let its presence be known last month while making a trip to the FCC with the model number SPH-600 in tow. While little other than its 4G support was known it looks as if some super sneaky spy shots of the device have surfaced online along with a few more specs to gloat at. The official name of the device is pointing at the Conquer 4G, fitting? Well if it is to put a high powered smart phone in the palms of the ‘rest of the world’ then yes, Conquer is very fitting. The device is an entry level mid range Android device that is rumored to be pegged below a $100 price point. What’s better then that price point? The details stuffed inside. The Conquer 4G packs a single core 1GHz processor a 3.1 megapixel rear facing camera and an HVGA 320×480 touch screen. Looking over the picture it appears to sport a front facing camera as well. While other details are yet to be had it safe to assume this new Conquer will be packing Android version 2.2 or higher. The best feature however has to be its internal connection to Sprints super fast 4G WiMax network. You can also expect Bluetooth, Wi-Fi as well as GPS, according to the FCC filing.

So there it is folks the newest entry into the “mid/entry” range devices. Upping the game and changing its face, or am I going overboard with that? The Conquer 4G is slated to launch July 24th and be priced somewhere between $50 to $100 bucks, under a new contract of course. So let us know what you think of the new Conquer 4G from Samsung. Looking good to you?

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